Date of Birth: 08-03-2011
Country: Ethiopia

Tesfahun lives with his both parents and his 3 brother and 3 sisters. He is the 6th child. The child came from an impoverished family who can barely address their basic needs. Nonetheless, his family strongly believes that education creates an opportunity for a better future in their children?s lives and should be pursued at any cost. Currently, Tesfahun has registered to Yesus Mena School for the deaf as a beginner.

Tesfahun is suffering from eye disease. Apart from that, he is physically active and mentally sound.

Tesfahun is a hearing child. He is from highly impoverished family and was unable to go to school because his family was unable to address his educational material needs. The opening of Yesus Mena school for the deaf & child?s enrollment in Holt?s sponsorship program will help him pursue the inclusive education that is being given by the deaf school.

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