Briana Gracie

Briana Gracie

Date of Birth: 01-04-2014
Country: Philippines

Briana Gracie is the youngest among the 2 siblings in the family. Her father works as an upholstery installer near their place earning minimum wage per day while her mother manage a small fish stall in their community earning minimal amount per day. The income of their family is insufficient for their daily needs and they cannot afford to enroll the child in other daycare center because of the high cost of tuition fees.

Briana Gracie was physically fit and healthy upon admission in KBF daycare center. She had her medical health checkup and was found that she has no history of any serious illness or hospitalization.

Briana Gracie was enrolled by her parents in KBF day care center because at her age, she should be provided day care service to develop her learning skills and personality. She was accepted in KBF day care center after assessing the family and the child. It was found that the child's parents cannot afford to enroll her in other private day care center because of high cost of tuition fees.

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