Date of Birth: 12-09-2011
Country: Philippines

She is now five years old and needs to be in the kindergarten. Her father is an elementary graduate and works at a barber shop. The mother is a plain house wife but after the parent effectiveness seminar she started selling charcoal and cooking oil while taking good care of the 3 children. The income of the father is not enough to sustain the basic needs of the family. The parents can only send one of their children to the school. Education here in the Philippines is free but the uniform, school supplies, shoes and others are expensive and the family can?t afford.

During the interview, Sharlene was healthy and had no signs of any illness. While interviewing her mother, Sharlene behaves well, she seats besides her mother and answers when being asked. According to her mother Sharlene is loving and responsible child, ???

Sharlene was referred by the barangay council. The family was assessed and was found eligible for the program.

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